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Hi, I’m a T-shirts designer and I want to introduce myself and  how I started making Peace Wing Apparel

I started making T-shirts using and around the time my son was born in 2006. First, I started Peace sign with Wings. I wished this world will be a peaceful one because back in the 2006, this world seemed like getting hostile.  Afgan and Iraq war was happening, gun shooting happens every now and then and still is happening even more frequently. I urged to spread my creation even more through this website or blog so, I installed WordPress, watching youtube channel tutorial and posting this.

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Peace Wings
by peacewing

Then, I kept going with other peace t-shirts.


Do you remember when “An Inconvenient Truth” came out? That was in 2006, same as when my son was born. I wanted to raise awareness to the people for the better environement and future, I started designing green themed t-shirts.  What do you think of this year’s wather so far? I went to Japan and it was either too much rain or too hot. I see extreme weather like Al Gore predicted in the movie.


The last part, Spritualizm. I took Reiki lectures from my friend around 2011, when my daughter was born. After learning what is chakra, aura, I started collecting power stones, doing affirmations, meditation, and I really enjoy pursuing that area. I am a Japanese born and raised in Japan and adjusting to the United States was pretty hard for my well being. Spiritual world really helps me to keep me grounded.